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Providing Quality Interpreting and Translation Services in Kansas City since 2007

Our company is founded on the idea that all people deserve to be respected and understood. Since 2007 we’ve been fulfilling our commitment to serving people by providing professional language services and cultural awareness services that uphold our customer service promise at a competitive rate.

Interpreting & Translation Services

Our network of over 100 interpreters and translators can provide interpreting and translation services in Kansas City and the surrounding region in almost any setting in more than 60 languages.

Cultural Awareness Services

We can provide training, coaching, and consulting to help you and your company navigate cultural barriers, work more effectively across cultures, and resolve conflicts caused by cultural misunderstandings.

Translating & Interpreting Careers

Join our amazing network of over 100 interpreters and translators. We offer top notch training and support. And we don’t just match jobs based on language; we match you to the jobs that fit you best.