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The attorney’s frustration grew by the moment. The LEP (Limited English Person) would not cooperate and answer his questions! Instead of giving direct answers, the LEP kept trying to explain through the voice of the interpreter his side of the story. The tension thickened and the dialogue grew heated, ending in an unsuccessful exchange. The attorney concluded that the LEP must have a mental disability or lack of education.


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What went wrong? The attorney thought the problem was with the LEP’s education, mental state, or pure lack of cooperation. The real culprit, however, was cultural misunderstanding. The attorney and LEP sat on opposite sides of a major cultural barrier that prevented them from having a successful courtroom exchange.

We had the opportunity to talk with this attorney after the hearing. He was open to our feedback and listened intently as we explained that some cultures’ communication styles revolve around story telling. People from these cultures feel strongly that they must tell their story in detail, whether it is all relevant or not, because the whole story matters to them.

Going into the courtroom, the attorney lacked the cultural sensitivity to understand that the LEP wasn’t being uncooperative, nor did he have a disability—he was merely responding with his own cultural style of communication. The attorney interpreted the situation through his own cultural lens. Had he understood the LEP’s cultural background, the exchange might have been much more successful. The attorney was open-mouthed and grateful for our insights.

Cultural Awareness Services

Situations like these happen every day. Cultural misunderstandings create barriers, cause breakdowns in communication, and worst of all, lead to judgement and hostility. The need for cultural training and intervention is crucial to preventing and resolving situations like these.

That’s why we offer cultural awareness training, coaching, and consulting.  As our vision statement says, we’re committed to helping people move from isolation to connection, from misunderstanding to harmony, from uncertainty to confidence, and from misjudgment to respect.

Our services do just that by bridging the cultural barriers that stand between people. We can provide expert advice on cultural matters affecting individuals, groups, and entire organizations.

We can help…

Enrich your team’s cross-cultural working relationships

Bring understanding to particular cultural considerations and expectations

Divert potential conflicts arising from cultural misunderstandings

Prepare you and your team for successful cross-cultural business relationships

Because we…

Come from multicultural backgrounds and understand the challenges personally

Offer services that are uniquely tailored to your company and needs

Provide one-on-one coaching and group problem solving/conflict resolution

Are passionate about people, cultures, and bringing people together

Cross Cultural Training in Kansas City

Cross-Cultural Training

Our cross-cultural training equips people with the knowledge and skills needed to communicate effectively and behave appropriately in specific cultural contexts and relationships.

Unlike the popular one-size-fits-all approach, we seek to provide tailored training that considers the context and specific needs and goals of each client. Small to mid-sized group training sessions allow individuals to gain both general cultural awareness knowledge and cultural understanding specific to their situations. Our training can be set up for entire companies, segments of employees, or across multiple organizations.

Cross Cultural Awareness Coaching in Kansas City

Cross-Cultural Coaching

Our cross-cultural coaching is an ongoing, individual relationship designed to help business leaders become more culturally competent to lead their teams.

Our coaching process has three goals: First, that leaders become more aware of their own cultural prejudices, expectations, perspectives, and leadership styles. Second, that they gain a better understanding of the cultural prejudices, expectations, perspectives, and work styles of their employees or clients. Third, that they become adept at wearing different cultural “lenses” in order to more effectively lead and communicate with their teams.

Cross Cultural Awareness Consulting in Kansas City

Cross-Cultural Consulting

Our cross-cultural consulting focuses on offering targeted, practical advice in an individual or small group setting for your company or organization. We offer consulting on an ongoing or as-needed basis.

We can help troubleshoot a specific problem or mediate the resolution of a conflict arising from cultural misunderstanding. We can provide advice and solutions for the improvement of ongoing working relationships. We can also help your team become better equipped to deal with cultural barriers and problems you consistently encounter and navigate new challenges successfully.

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