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Digital Mock-Up

"Since I was old enough to walk to school on my own, Ommi would walk with me the first two blocks, turn the corner together and would send me off saying to me, translated from our Tunisian dialect, 'Go, live up to the meaning of your name.'


She'd wave to me and watch until I made the turn around the next corner, which was another block away. Sometimes, I would run back to the corner to see if she was still watching and she would be! For many cultures, including mine, a person's name is significant.

I was named Nabil, meaning noble; honorable; doing the right thing. Ommi's words and the image of her waving goodbye are with me everywhere I go. Now, living in the United States, I've learned that names aren't necessarily about their specific meaning, but about the connection it has with us individually as we live life together.

I humbly invite you to join me on a journey. A story of life's challenges, successes, heartbreaks, loves, and how I've tried to live up to the meaning of my name, but more importantly, how you too can live up to your name's meaning."

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