Bridging the Gap Interpreting offers EXMAX Wireless Interpretation Equipment rental:


$75 per day

  • Multi-channel system
  • one per translator/language being spoken
  • 195MHz-230MHz, 99 select channel IDs

Receiver Headset

$8 per day

  • 50-60 meter range
  • one for each listener (can be set to channel of any language transmitted)

exmax wireless headset rental

Preparing for an event?

Rent a transmitter and as many as 60 headsets for your next event at our competitive rates!

Bridging the Gap Interpreting is proud to offer rental of EXMAX Wireless Interpretation Equipment for your conferencing needs.

Whether you’re hosting a board meeting, training session, concert, tour group, or any other large in-person gathering, our equipment allows for clear, simultaneous interpretation transmitted to up to 60 recipients at a time. Allow your attendees to hear clear, professional interpretation in real time via our light, long-range headsets.

Excellent for Multilingual Events:

Business meetings/conferences



Tour groups

Group training

Discussion groups


For more information, complete the request form below to get started, or call us at 913-210-0572.

Exmax Wireless Equipment Rental

Complete the form below to request rental of our Exmax wireless interpreting transmitters and headsets.

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