The Archway, Issue 2

Personal growth is important. In our monthly interpreter meetings, Bridging the Gap Interpreting and our interpreters have been exploring vital principles for encouraging us grow and learn. For this month’s newsletter, we wanted to review – in brief – the topics we’ve covered so far, for the benefit of our readers.

In the first week of our study, we focused on Humility: the Spirit of Learning. It’s impossible to grow if you refuse to recognize your need to grow. Humility is the ability to admit that you have room for improvement.

In the second week, we focused on Reality: the Foundation of Learning. No matter how much we may wish it were different, we must deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it would be. Reality, in this context, means accepting the truth of our situation (something that can only be done if we have humility!).

In our third week, we studied Responsibility: The Beginning of Learning. Responsibility is a discipline we all must cultivate if we ever hope to improve ourselves. Responsibility comes after accepting the reality of our situation and adopting a spirit of humility.

In our fourth week, we learned about Improvement: the Focus of Learning. Once we’ve humbled ourselves, accepted reality, and taken responsibility for where we’re going, we’re ready to improve. Improvement is the goal of learning from our mistakes and failures, both to avoid them for ourselves in the future, and to help others avoid the same errors and grow themselves.

These principles are just the beginning of learning, but we can use them to grow, both in our personal lives, and with our compatriots in life.

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